Very Basic How-To: Vermicomposting

  1. Buy or make a worm bin, which can be set up either indoors or outdoors (in the shade, and protected from temperature extremes)
  2. Buy 1 lb. of worms (approximately 1000 worms)
  3. Soak your bedding material (e.g. coconut fiber or shredded newspaper) in water, and squeeze it out until the moisture level resembles a wrung-out sponge
  4. Place the worms in the worm bin, on the damp bedding
  5. Add a handful of soil to add grit, which will aid in the worms' digestion
  6. Begin adding food scraps (chopped up into small pieces) on one side of the bin, under the bedding. Hiding the scraps under the bedding will help limit odors.
  7. Add new food scraps in sections, working your way across the bin.
  8. The worms will begin to create castings, which fall to the lower layer of the bin.
  9. Collect the castings and continue adding new bedding and food.
  10. The castings can be combined with potting soil at a ratio of 1:2, which can be sprinkled on your garden, or used to pot new plants.

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