Bokashi Bucket DIY - Part III

Over the weekend I finally got my Bokashi bucket up and running!

First we drilled holes in the bottom of the inner bucket for drainage. We made the holes fairly small so that bits of food don't fall through. The bucket with holes fits snugly inside the other bucket with the spigot, so I think the set-up with be relatively air-tight.

Below you can see the containers of food scraps I had been saving in the freezer for about two weeks, as well as one of the 1-KG bags of Bokashi mix I had ordered.

As I had outlined previously in a post about
basic Bokashi how-tos, the first step was to sprinkle a layer of Bokashi powder in the bottom of the inner bucket.

I then began adding food scraps and more Bokashi powder in layers. In total, we had three layers of frozen food scraps with a handful or two of Bokashi powder covering each layer.

Then, I used a plastic grocery bag to compress and cover the top of the pile before putting on the lid.

In case you decide to build your own Bokashi bucket using the same components I did, just know that the lid is very tight. It took a lot of effort to pry off the lid and push it back on, so I will probably continue to save food scraps in the freezer and add to my bucket weekly, not daily.

Lastly, I transferred the unused Bokashi powder to an empty plastic container, which is easier to use and keep airtight than the original ziplock bag. Below is the finished set up - ta da!

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