In the Meantime

While I wait for my Bokashi equipment to arrive, I've been saving my food scraps in a container in the freezer.

I'll be researching and writing about the following topics in the meantime until I begin my own Bokashi project.
  1. Why should anyone compost, anyway? Why shouldn't food scraps go to the dump? Don't they just break down and disappear anyway?
  2. Why do we care about the end product - what does compost do to enrich the soil? What if I don't have a yard or garden?
  3. What exactly is "EM" - how does it work?
  4. How do you make your own Bokashi mix?
  5. Why do you want Bokashi to "pickle" your food, anyway? (What does "pickling" really mean?
  6. Similarly, why don't we just bury plain food scraps in the yard - why does it need to be fermented by Bokashi first?
  7. Does composting attract pests?
  8. Related topic - septic systems.

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