Big News

Ok, now I can finally reveal why I have been too busy to update the blog as frequently as I used to...

I had been working on applying to PhD programs, and yesterday I was accepted into the Animal Behavior graduate group at UC Davis!

If I go there, I will be studying dairy cattle behavior and welfare.

I am still interviewing for two other programs, but I am very very excited about being admitted to UC Davis.

Sustainable / conscientious agriculture, along with animals (I have two cats and a horse) are my main passions, and I really look forward to studying issues related to these areas full-time!


D. S. Foxx said...

Hey, congrats!


Anonymous said...

Hej! Looks like you've abandoned us!! Would love to hear more about your Bokashi adventures sometime, it is still working for you?
Hope your studies are going well.

anteroom said...

Hey, there. I just discovered your blog as I was looking up information about bokashi. It's all very interesting. I was wondering where you get your bokashi from or if you make your own?

I know it's been a while since you posted, but hopefully I will hear from you.

Hope your studies are going well!!