More fun with chicken tractors

I've been continuing to help my friend in her garden almost weekly, and it's been fun - and delicious!

In addition to fresh eggs and last fall's zucchini that I wrote about previously, I've also enjoyed broccoli, turnips, winter squash, endless sugar snap peas, oranges, grapefruits, and even pomelos!

Cleaning the chicken coop has become one of my regular tasks.  My friend never enjoyed it, but I actually get a kick out of it!  Two hens usually get put into the chicken tractor, while the other eight are shooed, tricked, or carried out of the main coop (where they lay eggs and roost for the night) into the chicken wire enclosure that's attached to the coop.

Here is the chicken tractor in action:

The sides and roof are made of chicken wire to keep out predators (and to keep the chickens from demolishing areas of the garden where they aren't wanted), while the bottom is open so the chickens can scratch away happily.  The roof is also covered with a tarp for shade.

The hens that are not spending their day in the chicken tractor can move freely between the coop and the attached enclosed run.  We toss them lots of weeds and grubs that we dig up while tending the garden!

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