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So, before I started this blog in October, I did a Google search on Bokashi to see what I could learn. There is a lot of great information out there, but none of the resources I found were very well-organized (in my opinion). I created this blog to compile the best information for Bokashi beginners such as myself, and to document my escapades with learning to compost. Well, I didn't search blogger (duh), but my sweetheart recently did - and discovered this blog that began in August:


Wow! I haven't had time to browse it thoroughly yet, but it looks like I have a kindred mind in Austin, TX! This blogger is a self-described "apartment-dwelling gardener" - I am more of an "apartment-dwelling aspiring-farmer/beginning-gardener", so they are ahead of me in that respect as well.

I look forward to checking out this blog more thoroughly - there appears to be a lot of great content, as well as insightful comments from people who seem to be in-the-know.

[Incidentally, my childhood best friend and her husband live in Austin, as do my beau's brother and his girlfriend. And Whole Foods is based in Austin. Fun.]

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D. S. Foxx said...

Hey, look--I have a doppleganger!

Still working my way through your archives; looks like you've done a thorough job of research.

BTW, my EM did come from Whole Foods--from the incredibly showy (but fun!) downtown location--not EM bokashi bran, but a bottle of EM-1. I've yet to find any local source of the dried inoculant, though one of the larger producers seems to be located in TX.


...why do they call it kitchen waste, anyway? I'm not wasting it!